About Us

Once upon a time, in a land actually quite close by, there were families with untold stories. These families included special people who had already lived a large part of their stories. Most folks refer to them as “seniors.” They had gathered so much wisdom and experience in their years on this earth, and were poised to share that with the rest of us, but they were facing transitions that made those stories hard to share and hard to finish well. Sometimes these special people and their families needed extra help, but didn’t know where to turn when those transitions started.

For the last 6 years Jen had been working in the wonderful industry of helping families find just the right senior living situation, but she had decided that she wanted to do things just a little bit differently than everyone else. The service would still be completely free, at NO cost to the family, but she wanted to offer the families more. She wanted to be able to provide the families with an entire TEAM to come around them.

She didn’t want to be just one person holding out her hand to the family as they began this journey – she wanted the families to be surrounded and supported by talented, gifted, compassionate and experienced people who could help guide them through this challenging time.

“What do families need?” she thought, “And who can I ask to join me as I help them?” Some families were facing the unique challenges of dementia-related diseases, so Missy offered to help support and train families and caregivers as to how to best care for and love their family members with every bit of the kindness and respect and honor they deserved. Amy had become more and more convinced of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle choices as we live out our stories, and she knew she could provide guidance and support in that area. Carolyn had spent her whole career helping folks heal and strengthen their bodies through physical therapy, and she knew she could bring those gifts to the table for the families.

Noticing her ability to bring out others’ stories through video, Sue decided she could produce an incredibly tangible way for others to hear these stories, even great-great-great-great grandchildren who hadn’t yet been born! Money can be a hard topic to discuss, but Sarah’s intelligence, wisdom, and experience, mixed with great kindness and empathy, would allow families to ask questions and think through the financial aspects of this new page that was being turned. Maureen had gone to college and even graduate school to learn how to love these special people better, and was so thrilled to be given this opportunity to pour out all of that love and wisdom on families in such a concrete way. Any move comes with its challenges, and Wendy was so happy to put her design and organizational skills to work for families to help them with the move as they

settled their loved ones into their new homes. Elisa had just the right gifts to be able to pull all of these talents together and provide the structure and organization needed for everything to come together seamlessly, and she was so grateful to be a part of this ministry.

With this team around them, the families realized they were equipped to make the decisions they need to make. They were no longer alone, but had an entire support system to help lead them through the challenging transition facing them. They could see how they would be able to help their loved one live well and leave a story that could be told for generations to come. And the team and the families linked arms, walked up the steps to their new homes, and lived happily ever after.

(We know in life things don’t actually always end up “happily ever after” and so we want to make sure you know that this team will be by your side ever after. We are in it as you live out the rest of your story, and we can’t wait to see where it takes you).


Jen’s vision and the care with which it is carried out ensures every client, family member, community partner, and any other who crosses her path is met with a heart for service and a love for others that is second to none.”Katie Davis, Journey Together Home Care