Alexandria Lumpkin

Alex Lumpkin

Alex graduated from JMU with a Masters in Teaching with a concentration in Special Education. She has been a high school special education teacher for five years. Alex’s love for seniors started with the incredibly close relationships she had with her grandparents. They were very involved in her life growing up, and three out of the four lived in senior living communities. One of her fondest memories as a young girl was “playing” with her friends at the senior living community, specifically playing hide and seek with several of the seniors.

When Alex is not teaching she loves to spend time leading Capernaum, which is a special needs ministry for middle and high school students. This is where she met Jen, and started sharing her love for her grandparents and other seniors. This summer she joined the Dowda Senior Consultants team. She loves bringing her experience of working with others and her bubbly personality to the team!

“My passion and heart is to love people, and make them feel known and cared for! I am SO excited to share my heart with the seniors we work with at Dowda Senior Consultants!”