What is the maximum capacity for a human heart to experience and show love? Can you reach a point where you love so much that your heart is full and you can’t add any more? I was terrified of this when I was pregnant with my second child, sure that I could not possibly love him as much as I loved this first little baby girl. I learned there was nothing to be afraid of – my heart expanded enough for him as well as his two future brothers. I was able to adore them every bit as much as I loved her – my heart made more room.  

For the last 15 years, the ministry and folks involved in Young Life Capernaum (a ministry for middle and high school students with special needs) have captured my heart and mind in ways I had NEVER dreamed possible when my husband and I agreed to help start the ministry here in Hanover County. When I started working with seniors 8 years ago, it was similar to having that second child – I was amazed to see how much my heart could grow to adore these folks and everyone who loves them.  What started as a job has grown into a passion – a ministry that is infinitely more than a company or a business.  

On February 5th, Dowda Senior Consultants sponsored a fundraising event for Hanover County Young Life at PBR, and as I looked around the room that night I felt overwhelmed with gratitude – honestly like I might burst (I was too happy to even remember to take pictures – grabbed 3 quick ones at the very end when I finally remembered!). To be able to have my days filled and my heart filled by two such incredible groups of people – how did I get to be so blessed? My empty nest (our youngest headed off to college this fall) has been overflowing with people to love.  It is an honor to be given the gift of caring for and supporting the seniors and families who are referred to us. I am beyond grateful that God fashioned the human heart such that there is always room to love one more. As each new family/client comes into our nest I offer up thanks for them and express my gratitude for the role I get to play in their lives, to support and care for them. I never take it lightly and I never take it for granted. Those lives are so precious to me, as they are to their families, and especially to the One who created them and adores them. It is His love that drives all we do here at Dowda Senior Consultants and we all offer all of our thanks to Him on this day of celebration of love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Jen Dowda, Dowda Senior Consultants, CEO