Hello friends! Alex here! This is my very first blog post for Dowda Senior Consultants, and my first full week working for Jen. It has been a dream!! We always meet at the local coffee shop to chat and here is how one of our meetings went…

To start off, I do not believe in coincidences… okay, okay hear me out!! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that this job is another way to allow me to step into those moments that are unexpected. They are a beautiful opportunity to extend your time, gifts and words of encouragement. I am not naive to think that all of these moments are butterflies and rainbows, but I think that when life gives you these moments, choose to spread that joy and kindness!

Recently, I have spent a lot of time at the local coffee shop, Local Cup, due to my looooove for all things coffee. As I meet with the team or catch up on work, I am able to see many familiar faces along the way. As I sat and met with Jen one morning, a local fan-favorite teacher of many Hanover friends walked up. Jen and I began to speak with her, and one of those “not coincidences” happened!

She asked us to say a quick prayer for her because her family was moving her mother-in-law into an assisted living place that very day. Her job today was to keep her occupied with fun things like coffee, nails and a hair appointment. She also shared that her MIL had fallen quite a few times in the past month, and today she had to use a rolling chair to get her in and out of the car. The family was in desperate need of a wheel chair that very day. Guess who had a wheel chair?! We did! Jen immediately left the coffee shop, grabbed the wheel chair, and met her at the nail salon.

I truly believe we were supposed to be sitting outside that coffee shop to help our local friends with a transition that can often times be so stressful for loved one’s family members. It’s moments like these that Dowda Senior Consultants can show up and extend our love and resources. It was definitely not a coincidence! (: