I know some of you have now started humming the Hank Williams Jr. song, so I’ll give you a minute to get through that and then I’ll start ;-). In our family, traditions are SUPER important. They don’t have to be fancy, or expensive, or even complicated. The key is that they are important to us. We do them every year, and it’s a shared experience. Some of them are just silly and ridiculous, some of them are quite meaningful.

Easter brings out the competitive side of our family (which is NOT hard to do). After celebrating Christ’s resurrection at church, we head home to compete at various events — the egg hunt, the egg roll, the egg toss, the egg smash, and finally 18 holes of cross-country croquet. It’s a full day and we love every minute of it — especially whoever wins!

Now that our children are grown, we don’t always have everyone at home, but this year we had the gift of adding in two new members to the competition — my new son-in-law, and my father-in-law. My father-in-law, Barney Goldberg, lives in a home that is attached to ours and so we get to see him every day. It was such a huge blessing to have him take part in all of our crazy games this year. We were able to make those memories together — memories we will have forever.

Family is so important — every time I get to just celebrate it I am so incredibly grateful for the times we have together. We would love to hear about YOUR family tradition — we can ALWAYS add something to the Easter competition!! (and for the record, Harry basically won everything and Rufus ate a LOT of eggs).