Any “Elf” lovers out there are picturing Will Ferrell right now — which makes me so happy. But truly, gifts really are my favorite. There is NOTHING better than handing something to someone that you know will put a smile on their face and make them feel known and cared for. When I started this business, I knew I would want to have a move-in gift for each of my clients, but I struggled to think what it could be.

When someone downsizes and moves into an apartment, the last thing they want is more STUFF. They don’t want a plant to take care of (plenty of courtyard spaces with lovely plants and flowers), food to eat (they will be getting wonderful meals cooked for them each day), or any of the typical housewarming things that folks tend to bring. As I was puzzling this over and trying to come up with a different gift for each move in, someone suggested to me that I look at “Holly’s Hangings.” Holly Barth is a recently retired Hanover County school teacher who makes absolutely lovely wall hangings by hand and sells them. As SOON as I saw the first picture, I knew I had found it.

In most senior communities, door hangings are a BIG deal. It’s kind of like your front porch — it lets others know who you are and helps you remember which door is yours!! Residents proudly decorate their doors, and you can’t be without something for yours! So, Holly and I started a partnership and the rest is history! We are starting to figure out ways to personalize them — I really want my clients to know that I am thinking of them when I bring them their gift. We have a few ready to go for some clients moving in soon that are going to be so fun — can’t wait to show you!

With my tennis business I give out car magnets with Play Tennis Hanover on them — whenever I see a car with one on it I know I have a sweet tennis student inside that car. The same is true for me now in senior communities — I love to pass my dear residents and think of each one of them when I tour a new client through the community and see them proudly displaying their hanging on their front door. Holly and I will be scheming about ways to make them more personal in the future, but no matter what she makes, they always bring a big smile to the faces of our families. Which is ALWAYS our #1 goal in whatever we do. Thank you Holly for all of your hard work and giftedness!!

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