Laura reached out to Jen Dowda, concerned about her mom’s safety in her home. Her mom, Louise, absolutely refused to move, but both Laura and Jen were very worried about her health.


Laura didn’t know what to do. She knew about Dowda Senior Consultants through her nephew, who was Jen’s next door neighbor, so she decided to give her a call and see if there was any way Jen could help.


Jen agreed upon talking to Laura that there was no way her mom would agree to move to an assisted living. Her mom was a very independent, very successful professional business owner. She was completely determined to stay in her home. Dowda Senior Consultants offered to simply do whatever they could to support Laura and Louise, to help her live in safety and health in her home, until she agreed to move (if she ever did!).


Jen provided support to Laura as she tried to support her mother as well as care for her other family members and maintain her many responsibilities. Jen was amazed by how strong and loving Laura was, at how many people she was attempting to support, and she tried to encourage Laura in any way she could. Over the course of months of texting and calling between Jen and Laura, Louise came to a point where she was finally willing to admit that she might need a bit more support and agreed to move to an assisted living community.

Louise and Laura agreed on a community after touring with Jen and Louise moved in. Jen and Wendy helped with the move, packing and unpacking Louise’s clothes and belongings to make sure she was happy when she moved in. The transition had a few bumps, and Jen came alongside Laura to help advocate for Louise with the community, and eventually the issues were worked out to everyone’s satisfaction.

Recently, Laura responded to Jen’s text to check in on Louise by saying “She is doing good!!! Taking her to get a facial Monday!!! Then we are going to a family picnic in Petersburg next Sunday!!! She is amazing!!! She likes her apartment and everyone there!!! Such a blessing!!! Hope you are well! You are so kind to check on her❤️”

Dowda Senior Consultants have delivered gifts, visited, and baked her a custom birthday cake on her big day to share with friends and family. Jen and her team absolutely love seeing her every time they tour her community, and seeing how wonderfully she is thriving encourages them in what they are doing to support families. No one would have guessed during that first phone call between Jen and Laura that Louise would end up so happy and content in a supportive community!


“Jen is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met! She was always available and had a lot of great information about this”next step” in our family’s life with our mother. She has a gentle approach that is extremely calming. Jen and her team work very hard to get to know my mom and our family wishes and mom’s needs. They took everything into consideration whether it be space for our mothers favorite sofa down to her clothes. They assisted with the move and followed us after the move to make sure mom was adjusting to her new home. I highly recommend Jen and her staff for any of your needs in moving your loved one into the “next stage” of their life into a fantastic community as they take you into their arms and hearts with gentle care!”