Comprehensive and Ongoing Support for Seniors

We’ve found that many of our clients often become like family to us.

We walk with you through major life decisions, and won’t just leave once you’ve moved in or settled with an in-home care plan. We’ve found that our clients continue to appreciate support beyond the initial transition, and we love being a part of their ongoing care network. 

That’s why we offer comprehensive and ongoing support to ensure that seniors and their families continue to feel confident and cared for from the first conversations about their options, to potentially a move and all the milestones that follow– birthdays, holidays, funerals, and more. We’re in it with you today and tomorrow.

Why Dowda Senior Consultants?

      • Continued Advocacy and Support: We stand by our clients long after they have moved into their new home or opted for in-home care. Our ongoing support and advocacy help ensure that all your needs are heard and continue to be met.
      • Personalized Attention: We celebrate our clients’ milestones and support them through challenges, ensuring that they always have a strong advocate on their side.
      • Family Involvement: For family members living out of town, we offer peace of mind in that their loved ones are seen, cared for, and included in community life.
Jen Dowda

Our Services Include:

      • Move Transition and Welcome Visit: We ensure a smooth transition and warm welcome to your new community or home setup.
      • Lifelong Support and Advocacy: Regular quarterly check-in calls and advocacy on behalf of our clients to ensure continued satisfaction and care.
      • Social and Community Engagement:
          • Client Socials and Monthly Date Nights: Regular social events to keep our seniors engaged and connected.
          • Birthday Visits: Celebrating each client’s special day with personal visits and homemade baked goods.
          • Dementia Support Groups: Providing specialized support and sessions for clients whose loved ones are facing dementia.
      • Volunteer and Community Support:
          • Volunteer Work: Planned opportunities with organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association to stay active and contribute to meaningful causes alongside friends.
          • Community Support Programs: Engaging seniors in programs that enhance their connection with the community and build relationships.
      • Educational and Charitable Activities:
          • Client Education Events: Regular events to keep our clients informed about topics that impact their lives.
          • Charitable Giving Program: Encouraging and facilitating giving back to the community through various initiatives that they connect or align with.
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Connect with a Dowda Senior Consultants’ Senior Advisor

Our services come at no cost to you. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation and start your next chapter with Dowda Senior Consultants. We hope to meet you soon.


“This is, quite simply, not a journey you need to make on your own. Jen was right by my side . . . Her team’s support before, during and after the move has been invaluable to my family’s peace of mind.” — Kim Terzian

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