At Dowda Senior Consultants, our top priority is to help seniors achieve their goals. Through specializing in senior living options in the Greater Richmond area, our experienced team provides compassionate and ongoing guidance to seniors and their families.

Whether seniors desire to safely live at home and “age in place” or navigate the options for senior living communities in the Richmond area, our team continues to walk with our families wherever their journey takes them–supporting, advocating and navigating next steps for care together.

Dowda Senior Consultants’ guidance and support is:

  • Expert-based;
  • Highly experienced;
  • On-going (even after a senior’s current needs are met);
  • A networked approach to guiding and equipping families;
  • Offered at no cost to seniors and their families.

Our Process

Step 1 - Discovery

One of Dowda Senior Consultants’ experienced Senior Advisors will personally meet with you to understand your unique situation. Together, you will discuss your needs, goals, concerns, geography, preferences, and budget. Together, you will discover the best next steps and create a plan of action.

Step 2 - Decision

Our Dowda Senior Consultants team helps you implement the best plan for you, to help you achieve your goals. Our team will help you navigate an array of options so that you have the support and care you need. Whether that looks like making adaptations within the home, for seniors desiring to “age in place,” or scheduling and joining you on tours and visits to senior living communities, for those desiring a move, Dowda Senior Consultants’ goal is to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Step 3 - Action & Follow Up

If you decide to move into a senior living community, we help you with every aspect of the transition to your new living situation. Once the transition is made, our Dowda Senior Consultants’ team will continue to be a part of your lives — bringing birthday cakes, visiting you or your loved one, and advocating for you with the community, as needed. You become part of our Dowda Senior Community, and we are committed to continuing to care for and support you throughout your senior journey!

Ongoing Support

Dowda Senior Consultants is unique in continuing to care for and support seniors after their initial needs are met or plan is achieved (ie: a senior moves into a senior living community).

Dowda Senior Consultant’s guidance:

  • Is comprehensive;
  • Is on-going: Dowda Senior Consultants’ support continues as the seniors’ needs change;
  • Involves advocacy and care for the seniors within their homes or within their new communities;
  • Includes visits to seniors in communities on their birthdays, with homemade baked goods;
  • Includes visits with seniors on behalf of family members living out of town;
  • Continues throughout each next step of the senior’s journey.

Our team stays with our seniors – they become part of our Dowda Senior Community – we continue to visit our seniors and we support them, whether they are at home or living in a senior living community. FOR SENIORS. FOR RICHMOND. FOR GOOD.

Examples of Support

Some of the resources and recommendations we offer to seniors and their families include:

  • Dowda Senior Consultants’ Advisory Services and partnership in navigating and visiting Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Memory Care Communities, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities;
  • Recommendations for reliable, well-respected Home Care Companies, Companion Care, Geriatric Physical Therapy, Case Management, Palliative and Hospice Care, Rehabilitation Facilities, hearing-assisted phones and technology, and more;
  • Personalized Dementia Care Training and Support;
  • Recommendations for support and assistance with packing, decluttering, unpacking, organizing, and moving;
  • In-home or exterior adaptations and/or renovations;
  • Elder Law support;
  • Financial Advisor recommendations;
  • Senior fellowship, fun, and events; Senior programs within the RVA Community, Senior support services, and more.

It is our privilege, at Dowda Senior Consultants, to help you navigate any needs that you or your loved one may have on their journey.

(Note: While Dowda Senior Consultants’ advisory services come at no cost to the senior or their family, some of the businesses or community partners with whom we work may charge for their services.)


“Jen’s team worked very hard to get to know my mom and our family’s wishes. They followed us after [the move] to make sure mom was adjusting to her new home . . . They take you into their arms and hearts with gentle care!” — Laura Porter

Helping you take the next step

For Seniors. For Richmond. For Good.