Expert Guidance for Seniors

At Dowda Senior Consultants, we understand that navigating the transition to senior living can be overwhelming, anxiety-producing, or simply confusing. That’s where we step in. Our highly experienced advisors get to know your exact situation so together we can make a plan for the best next steps for now and the future. 

Specializing in a range of senior living options from community-based to age in place, our dedicated team ensures that each client receives the counsel and support necessary to make informed, confident decisions.

Don’t walk this journey alone. Let Dowda Senior Consultants support you. 

Why Choose Us?

      • Dedicated Advisor: We are in the business of building long-term relationships with our clients. We ensure your assigned advisor gets to know you, stays with you, and even follows up in the years to come. We want to be a part of the fabric of your continued support team.
      • Expert Guidance: With years of experience, our senior advisors provide tested insight into the complex landscape of aging in place or transitioning to senior living communities.
      • Personalized Planning: We know that no two clients’ situations are the same. Our discovery process is personalized and thorough and involves a comprehensive in-home consultation to understand individual preferences, needs, and goals.
      • Support from Start to Finish (and Beyond!): From generating a custom list of care options to providing step-by-step guidance through the decision-making process, our services are designed to cover every component and every question of senior living planning. Plus, we continue to follow up past the initial move or transition, supporting you and your family in the years to come.

Our Process:

      • In-Home Consultation: We start with a visit to your home to assess your living situation and discuss your needs and preferences.
      • Customized Care Options: Based on our initial consultation, we provide a tailored list of care and community options that align with your specific requests and requirements.
      • Guided Community Tours: A personal advisor will accompany you on tours of potential communities, offering insights and support at every step.
      • Family Meeting Facilitation: We also offer our presence and guidance for family meetings, helping facilitate meaningful and productive conversations with loved ones about senior living choices.

We know how important this decision is. You don’t need to make it alone. 

Let us partner with you as you consider your options, and equip you with the support and expertise you need to make a confident next step
that’s right for you

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Our services come at no cost to you. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation and start your next chapter with Dowda Senior Consultants. We hope to meet you soon.


“This is, quite simply, not a journey you need to make on your own. Jen was right by my side . . . Her team’s support before, during and after the move has been invaluable to my family’s peace of mind.” — Kim Terzian

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